January 31, 2018

TalTrack delivers leading continuous performance management capabilities

BY: Charles Watson
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As we start off 2018, the movement away from annual appraisals as the main way of measuring and optimizing performance is accelerating. Global organizations of all shapes and sizes are embracing continuous performance management as a more agile, more effective approach.

Organizations who implement this shift are seeing increasingly clear and impactful results. Extensive research is being published by the likes of Harvard Business Review, Deloitte, and Gallup, amongst others - the results are in, and they’re definitive: continuous performance management leads to better performance, higher productivity and increased employee engagement.

Employee engagement is one of the best parts about this shift. Employees love continuous performance management because they get increased control over their own career trajectory, and the on-the-go feedback that helps them grow.

But there are still three big challenges facing organizations as they adopt this approach. 

  • Shifting corporate culture to embrace a more continuous dialog, not just deploying strategies.
  • Developing a rightsized continuous performance management process that works for their unique organization
  • Choosing the right tools to support this process, and driving employee adoption of those tools.


TalTrack was designed to help medium and large organizations across the world lead the performance management revolution. Our innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use tools for continuous performance management deliver objective data to help optimize performance and improve employee engagement. 


We’re continuing our progress in the continuous performance management space with our Winter Release. Here’s what’s new:


  • Best-in-breed goal-setting capability. TalTrack has always allowed you to create goals, track performance against those goals and align individual goals with departmental and/or enterprise goals. We’ve now improved this innovative goal-setting and tracking capability in three ways:
  1. Shared library of goals. Create a library of shared goals amongst individuals or across teams, so users can easily add consistent, well-developed goals when there are shared or similar goals.
  2. Metrics within goals. TalTrack has always had MBOs, but our customers have also asked for metrics with adjustable completion rates, to continuously measure performance. This gives users total goal setting flexibility and opens continuous performance management up to a much larger group in the organization.
  3. Public goals: The Winter release of TalTrack lets users choose to allow goal transparency across and up/down the organization.


  • Exceptional praise and feedback capability. TalTrack has always allowed anyone across the business to submit unsolicited feedback and praise, and allowed managers to solicit feedback about an employee for individuals inside and outside the organization. In the Winter release users now have the option to allow unsolicited praise to be displayed across the organization publicly.


  • A leader in integration to existing enterprise systems. TalTrack was designed from the ground up to work standalone or within the existing enterprise HR ecosystem. We’ve made two more improvements to our integrations in the Winter Release.
    1. Enterprise productivity. We’ve extended the integration to enterprise productivity systems for all calendaring, notifications, alerts including Google and Outlook. This helps simplify users’ lives and increase productivity by reducing the number of separate alerts, notifications and calendar systems.
    2. Enterprise messaging. We can now fully integrate to all enterprise messaging systems, so employees can set goals, rate goals and give praise through their normal messaging interface including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Facebook Messenger.


The TalTrack Winter release is available immediately. For more information and a demo to explore how TalTrack could revolutionize performance management in your business, please get in touch at [email protected]

About the author Charles Watson

Watson leads the TalTrack team and is a proven marketing and sales executive with over 25 years’ experience developing and managing results oriented, customer-focused and revenue driven teams. He is an operational and innovative partner to HR on critical and complex organizational and leadership issues such as employee engagement, talent development, corporate values, acquisition integration and cultural change.