TalTrack is designed for the modern workforce

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Align, agree & achieve goals

Now it’s easy for employees and managers to set, update and exceed their goals at anytime.

Manage on-going check-ins

More frequent, more relevant conversations mean less stress, more understanding and better long-term performance.

360 feedback

Managers can tailor feedback requests from across the business, for a fully rounded perspective - helping them provide more effective guidance.

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Give praise

Recognition needn’t be financial. TalTrack shares appreciation across the company and when aligned to values, helps to stengthen the culture too.

Measure & improve performance

A bird’s-eye view of real-time performance helps you improve activity and capitalise on opportunity.

Real-time employee feedback

Managers and employees can gather feedback in-the-moment, store it securely, and even attach as supporting material. Real time feedback boosts performance by 39%.

Enterprise messaging ready

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook Messenger. Our chatbot integrates with the most popular messaging apps, with 80% of its features directly available to the user on their favourite messaging platform.

Taltrack Chatbot converstation
  • Slack Intagration
  • MS Teams Intagration
  • S4B Intagration
  • Gmail Intagration
  • Outlook Intagration

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Better performance management

Taltrack encourages frequent assessment of goal progress. The digital app is easy to use gives your workforce the support and insight they need to thrive.

Q: Will TalTrack work with my HR system?

Yes! TalTrack integrates seamlessly and also scales as your business needs to change.

Q: Is TalTrack cloud based?

TalTrack uses the latest cloud technology, to keep your data accessible, safe and free of software updates.

Q: Does it work on mobile?

TalTrack runs on desktop, mobile and tablets for effortless talent management.

Q: Will my data be secure?

Yes! TalTrack uses enterprise grade software and advanced data encryption at every stage.

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