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TalTrack is built and managed on Microsoft Azure – one of the most modern, flexible, scalable and secure cloud infrastructures available. TalTrack was designed from day one to work seamlessly within a complex IT environment including HCM/HRIS suites, enterprise productivity apps and enterprise messaging apps.

Microsoft Teams
Facebook Messenger

Enterprise Messaging

Our chatbot  integrates with the most popular messaging apps, 80% of its features directly available to the user on their favourite messaging platform. Track progress on goals, see check-ins, provide feedback to reports or send praise to peers are some of the features available directly on your messaging app using our conversational bot.

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Office 365
Active Directory
G Suite
Microsoft Azure

Single Sign On

Taltrack supports Single Sign On (SSO) which will allow your organisation users to login into TalTrack with their company credentials (either you use Office365, Google Suite or any other supported identity service).

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Office 365
G Suite

Productivity apps & Calendar

By integrating with your company productivity app, such as Office365 or Google Gsuite, looking up for free/busy information directly from your users' calendars, we give employees the ability to book check-in meetings with their managers via Taltrack, and present it directly in the user calendar.

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Web Hooks

TalTrack provides the ability to register multiple Webhooks, to gather your data from Taltrack and presenting it on your company apps, such as setting a Yammer group pulling the Praise shared by your users.

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