Goal Setting

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This section will walk you through Goal Setting.

Read about some best practices to help you set goals that drive productivity performance and engagement by visiting our FAQs page.

Creating a goal

Creating a goal


On the main menu click 'Goals'


On the goals section click 'Add Goal' at the top

Add a Goal title

Type a Goal description (TalTrack provides inline instructions on how to set a good goal)

Click Share goal if you want to make it public to other users in your organisation (only the goal itself will be shared; no ratings or feedback from your manager will be available to others)

Select ‘Add a metric target to this goal’ if you want to track progress against a specific numeric goal

You are also able to align your personal goal with departmental and company objectives (your company will need to have created those objectives for these to show)

Click ‘CREATE GOAL’ to add your new goal into TalTrack

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