Revolutionise the way employees & managers connect

Encourage more relevant and timely conversations through continuous performance tracking.

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How TalTrack works

TalTrack runs on any device, requires no training; and is easy to install and use.

Set individual goals

It’s simple to agree, align and keep an eye on goals.

Track & influence performance

Real-time analysis helps improve progress and action if needed.

Empower check-ins

Fuel more relevant, more convenient conversations, on any device.

Putting the 'human' back in HR

TalTrack is built by a team with deep, first-hand experience of shaping talent and performance management tools for some of the world’s largest companies.

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Continuous conversations mean continuous improvement

TalTrack encourages frequent check-ins, delivers data and insight that inspires people, boosts weekly performance and drives the business forward.

Two-way conversation

Giving employees and managers a voice helps everyone to work more closely.

Regular check-ins

More frequent discussions update progress and action points, so everyone moves forward together.

Seamless integration

Works with existing systems - and in the ways your employees expect.

Reduces admin

Automated workflows and reminders save hours of time and effort throughout the year.

Real-time insights

Now you can monitor performance across the business 24/7.

Understands people

Positive experiences that help people to grow and succeed - and that's fantastic motivation.

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